Social Inbox

Organize all your messages into one social inbox

Get detailed click-through statistics for your posts

Send and Receive message in one main Inbox

Postific helps you to organize all your social messages into one single inbox.

All messages that you are receiving are automatically coming into your Social Inbox and you are always getting notifications about them without loosing a track of all your messages.

So no need to log into each social account manually anymore to read your messages, instead of that you just connect your social accounts with Postific once and it take cares of everything else.

Send one message to multiple people

With Postific you can write a message and select the recipients with a few clicks.

After that you can send that message to everyone without worrying that you will be market as spammer as Postific automatically calculates the time of sending for each message.

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Personalize Autoresponders

When you are getting a lot of new followers you are not able to say thank you to all of them immediately or within a few hours.

Postific is solving that problem with smart auto responding system. You can create multiple templates and use our special tokens to personalize the messages that you are sending so they never look as spam.

Together with that in Postific you have one more feature called "Random auto responders". It helps you to automatically send different auto replies based on the number of templates that you have created.

Analyze the results in real-time

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